Catch-up & Clean-Up Bookkeeping

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Catch up & Clean up

For the fallen behind or the messy

Clean bookkeeping is essential.

When numbers are haphazardly tossed into your books and categorized incorrectly, it throws your financial reports off the rails.

Your financial reports are built off of the numbers that are entered into the system.  If the numbers aren’t put into the correct place, coded the correct way, and entered at the right time, your reports aren’t accurate.  Reconciliations also have to done every month to keep these reports accurate.

A clean QuickBooks Online file is essential to:

  • Get funding for your business.
  • Help ensure that you are paying the correct amount in taxes.
  • Having accurate financial reports.
  • Enabling you to make informed business decisions.

Loans/Working Capital/Funding:  When you need a loan for your business, one thing that lenders ask for is your business’ financial reports.  The information in these reports give the lender information about how your business is performing and help them determine your ability to pay back the loan.

Without financial reports, it’s much harder to get a loan and, if you can get a loan, you may be subject to much higher interest rates.

Tax Bill:  No one wants to pay taxes, but it’s a fact of life.  While there are things you can do to lower your tax bill, you want to make sure you are doing it in a way that isn’t going to cost you in the long run.

Underpaying taxes can cost you big time in penalties and fees later.  Overpaying in taxes costs you money that you could be putting to good use elsewhere right now.  Either way, it’s not what anyone wants to do.

A clean set of books helps ensure that you are paying the correct amount in taxes and not giving Uncle Sam more or less than what is due.  This is exactly where you want to be.

Financial Reports:  Your business depends on accurate financial reports.  If your numbers aren’t entered the correct way, your reports aren’t accurate.

With so much depending on these reports, you need to make sure they are as accurate as possible and the only way to do that is to have a squeaky clean set of books.

Decision Making:  If your books aren’t clean, you can’t really know how your business is doing, so making informed business decisions is just a guessing game.

It’s unwise to make important financial decisions about your business based purely on the dollar amount in your bank account.  That number only gives you a portion of the information you need.  You need to see the full picture of your business finances.

It’s best to stay on top of your bookkeeping and not let it get behind, but if this is where you are, now is the time to get it fixed.

I will catch up your books and get you back up to date or clean up your books if you made a little bit (or a lotta bit) of a mess out of them.

Whether you are behind one month, one year, or multiple years, this service is available to you.

Once your books are in order, you have the option of taking the bookkeeping tasks back over or enrolling in our monthly bookkeeping service that is custom tailored to your business.

Prices for catch-up bookkeeping start at $200 per month for individual months less than a full year and $2,200 per year for full year or multiple year clean-up.

Prices for clean-up bookkeeping may be done on a monthly or hourly pay basis depending on the nature of the clean up.  This will be discussed in detail before I begin work on your account.


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If you are interested in a service, but don’t see it listed here, it doesn’t mean it isn’t available.

If you would like to inquire on something that is not listed, I invite you to contact me through the contact form below to ask about the service you need for your business.

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